Lined Landfills

CMA Engineers and its principals and staff have administered the construction of over 20 individual lined landfill construction projects in the last two decades. All of the firm’s engineers and technicians have experience in project planning, permitting, design, construction administration, quality assurance, and operations assistance for lined landfills, allowing CMA Engineers to assemble project teams of significant size and capability to engineer lined landfill projects of significant scope in a short period of time.

The engineering of lined landfills is simple in concept, and the constructed facility is simple in appearance, but the engineering design process is complex, and numerous design considerations are inevitably site-specific. CMA Engineers is well experienced in those complexities and can generate designs which are easily operable, which meet and exceed regulatory requirements, and which maximize capacity provided.

Our services are comprehensive, including site evaluation and selection, the full range of permitting activities, design, construction administration, and construction quality assurance for lined landfills, leachate collection and management systems, gas collection systems, post closure monitoring and maintenance, post closure use evaluation and implementation, and closure planning. CMA Engineers has designed and administered the construction of publicly and privately owned lined landfills for the disposal of municipal solid waste, waste to energy ash residue, and industrial wastes such as paper mill sludge.

Lined Landfills ACMA Engineers also provides strategic and business planning services, where needed, for lined landfill projects, assuring that site and project planning and engineering are incorporated within the facility’s business planning context. Assuring that all of the facility details are consistent with the facility’s business planning context is critical, whether the facility is in the public or the private sector, in that all lined landfills must operate efficiently as a business in a competitive environment.

The engineering of lined landfills is a particular strength, and a unique market niche, of CMA Engineers.