Planning Board / Site Development Review Services

Planning Board Services ACMA Engineers provides engineering review services to municipal planning boards. This work includes review of site plan and subdivision proposals being considered by planning boards for conformance with local zoning and land-use ordinances, and general engineering standards. Proposed projects range from large commercial, residential, or institutional proposals with both on- and off-site impacts to be managed, to simpler proposals; all as required by the municipal ordinances.

Planning Board Services BServices include general review per local ordinances and also review of particular issues of interest, such as environmental, traffic, stormwater, or utilities. Reviews are typically sequential, with major threshold issues considered first, and subsequent reviews completing the process.

Construction of planning board–approved projects is an important related service. Review of developer’s construction is often necessary to assure communities that the requirements of the approved project are met and that the community “gets what it expects” from finished projects.

Establishment of financial security is often part of the process, including release of security as projects are completed and accepted.