Publications and Presentations

CMA Engineers’ principals regularly publish papers and make presentations at national and international conferences on civil and environmental engineering topics. For electronic copies of any of the following papers, send us an email request on the Contact Us page.

  1. “Landfill Based Geothermal Heating System” by Grillo, Robert G.; Murray, Jeffrey S.; Peterson, James; and Roy, Kevin, in Global Waste Management Symposium, 2012, Phoenix, AZ.
  2. “A Professional Engineer Serving in Local Elected Political Office – Personal Observations” by Craig N. Musselman, P.E., Dist.M. ASCE, published in the American Society of Civil Engineers Journal of Leadership and Management in Engineering, October, 2008. Click here to read the paper: ASCE_CNM.pdf
  3. “Redeveloping Existing City Parks over Former Landfills – The Nashua, New Hampshire (USA) Experience”; Straub, William; Kissida, John; Spieler, Richard; Reine, Richard; in Proceedings of the Ninth International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium, Sardinia 2003, Cagliari, Italy, October 2003; also in Proceedings of SWANA 8th Annual Landfill Symposium (Solid Waste Association of North America), June 2003.
  4. “Impacts of Natural Weathering on the Transformation/Neoformation Processes in Landfilled MSWI Bottom Ash, A Geoenvironmental Perspective” by Saffarzadeh, A.; Shimaoka T.; Wei Y.; Gardner, K.H., and Musselman, C.N., 2011, in Waste Management, New York, NY.
  5. “PE Licensing” by Musselman, Craig N., a series of 30 blog pieces on the website of the National Society of Professional Engineers, 2012,
  6. “A Primer on Engineering Licensure in the United States” by Musselman, Craig N.; Nelson, Jon D.; and Phillips, Monte L., in proceedings of the American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference, 2011, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
  7. “Requiring a Master’s Degree or Its Equivalent as a Model Law Prerequisite for Licensure after 2020” by Musselman, Craig N., in proceedings of the American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference, 2009, Austin, TX.
  8. “Utilizing Municipal Waste Combustor Bottom Ash in the Reconstruction of US Route 3, Laconia, NH”; Musselman, Craig N; Eighmy, TT; Gress, DL; Killeen, MP; Sills, MH; Presher, JR; in Proceedings of the National Waste Processing Conference, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 1994, Boston, MA.
  9. “The Laconia, New Hampshire Bottom Ash Paving Project”; Musselman, Craig N; Killeen, MP; Crimi, D; Hasan, S; Zhang, X; Gress, DL; and Eighmy, TT; in Environmental Aspects of Construction with Waste Materials, 1994, Maastricht, The Netherlands.
  10. “Utilizing Waste to Energy Bottom Ash as an Aggregate Substitute in Asphalt Paving”; Musselman, Craig N; Eighmy, TT; Gress, DL; Killeen, MP; and Presher, JR; in Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Municipal Solid Waste Combustor Ash Utilization, 1995, Arlington, VA.
  11. “Overcoming Siting Constraints for a Municipal Landfill Expansion in an Urban Setting”; Straub, William A; Musselman, CN; Allen, DM; and Sills, MA; in Proceedings of Wastecon ’96, Solid Waste Association of North America; 1996, Portland, OR.
  12. “Landfill Gas Generation at a Municipal Waste Combustor Ash Monofill – Franklin, NH”; Musselman, Craig N; Bidwell, JN; Carpenter, JE; Straub, WA; Presher, JR; in:
    • Proceedings of Waste Tech ’97, National Solid Wastes Management Association, 1997, Tempe, AZ.
    • Proceedings of the North American Waste to Energy Conference, 1997, Research Triangle Park, NC.
    • Proceedings of the Air and Waste Management Association’s 90th Annual Meeting, 1997, Toronto, Canada.
    • Proceedings of “Sustainable Construction, Use of Incinerator Ash”, March 2000, University of Dundee, Scotland.
  13. “Assessing the Behavior and Fate of Mercury in a Municipal Waste Combustor Ash Landfill”; Musselman, Craig N; Shimaoka, T; Yanase, R; and Sills, MA; in Proceedings of the Eighth International Waste Conference, Sardinia 2001, Cagliari, Italy, October 2001.
  14. “Public Participation in the Water Quality Management Planning Process”; Musselman, Craig N; in proceedings of the Water Environment Federation National Conference, 1978, Las Vegas, NV.
  15. “Constructing a Landfill Expansion 25 Meters Below the Existing Water Table” Straub, William A; Musselman, CN; and Stulgis, RP; in Proceedings of the CSCE-ASCE Environmental Engineering Conference, July 1997, Edmonton, Alberta Canada.
  16. “Stretching the Art of Landfill Design”; Musselman, Craig N; Ford, RH, and Straub, WA; in Public Works Magazine, May 1990.
  17. “Permitting a Solid Waste Landfill within 10,000 Feet of an Airport – Lebanon, NH”; Musselman, Craig N and Ryder, Kenneth H; in Proceedings of WasteTech ’98, National Solid Wastes Management Associates; February 1998; San Antonio, TX.
  18. “Can Landfills, Birds and Airports Coexist?”; Musselman, Craig N; Ryder, KH; and Slate, D; in Waste Age Magazine; May 1998.
  19. “Sound Principals in Conducting Facilities Planning and Development of Design Criteria for Beneficial Reuses of Landfills”; Straub, William A.; Reine, RK; in Reclaiming Our Landfills into Beneficial Reuses; published by the American Public Works Associations, 2003.
  20. “Interim Capping to Maximize Landfill Gas Collection and Odor Control”; Straub, William A.; Sills, MA; Reine, RK; in Proceedings of Wastecon 2000; Solid Waste Association of North America; October 2000; Cincinnati, OH
  21. “Municipal Landfill Closure – Regulatory and Technical Issues”; Straub, William A.; at 13th Annual New England Resource Recovery Conference, June 1994, Portland, ME.
  22. “Design of a Lining System for a Piggyback Landfill”; Grillo, R.J., Murray, J.S. and Leber, B.; in proceedings of Geosynthetics 2001 Conference; Portland, Oregon.
  23. “Evaluation of an Existing Landfill Cover Over Steep Sideslopes”,; Grillo, R.J. and Burns, P.F.; in proceedings of Geosynthetics ’99 Conference; 1999, Boston, Massachusetts.
  24. “A Case Study: Landfill Closure Design Increases Capacity”; Grillo, R.J. and Burns, P.F.; in proceedings of Waste Tech ’99: Landfill Technology, National Solid Waste Management Association; 1999; New Orleans, Louisiana.
  25. “Performance of a Stone Column and Wick Drain Installation to Stabilize a 25-foot High Rockfill Overlying Soft, Sensitive Clay”; Schonewald, I.V. and Grillo, R.J.; in proceedings of Innovation in Civil and Environmental Engineering, 1996 Technical Seminar, American Society of Civil Engineers, Maine Section; Portland, Maine.
  26. “A Laboratory and Test Fill Program for Constructing Compacted Clay Barrier Layers”; Grillo, R.J. and Burns, P.F.; in proceedings of Practical Application of Soil Barrier Technology, 1994 Technical Seminar, American Society of Civil Engineers, Maine Section; Augusta, Maine.
  27. “An Evaluation of Cold Mix Asphalt Incorporation of Petroleum Contaminated Soils, Contaminated Soils”; Murray, Jeffrey S., Reitter, E.T., Malley, J.P., Jr., and Gaudard, M.A.; Volume 3, Amherst Scientific Publishers, 1998.
  28. “Treatment and Reuse of Petroleum Contaminated Soils Through Cold Mix Asphalt Incorporation”; Murray, Jeffrey S.; Masters Thesis, University of New Hampshire, December 1996.
  29. “Case Studies and Evaluations of Remedial Technologies At Leaking Underground Storage Tank Sites in New Hampshire”; Murray, Jeffrey S., Reitter, E.T., Griffiths, E.C., and Malley, J.P, Jr.; New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, June 1995.
  30. “Design of a Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL) – Based Capping System for and Industrial Landfill, South Paris, Maine”; Straub, William A., Murray, J.S., Grillo, R.J., and Cayting L.; Presented at Waste Tech ’99, New Orleans, LA, February 1999.